Consultation with a nurse of aesthetic medicine

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The role of a nurse continues to expand in the society, which also applies in the field of aesthetic medicine. In our work, we approach each client individually, taking into account his/her personality and expectations. Since we are dedicated to continuous professional development, we have the skills and knowledge to draw up a treatment plan that satisfies both you and us.

One of the strengths of the nurses working in our laser and beauty clinic is alsoskin diagnostics - facial skin analysis and interpretation of the results, thanks to which we can give you effective recommendations for the home care of your skin. A nurse of aesthetic medicine does not only perform procedures, there is also a big focus on counseling, instructing and guiding the client.

After nurse's consultation you will know the condition of your skin and which procedures will give the best results for your skin issue.



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Which are the most common skin issues complained by people, who turn to the beauty clinic?

  •    Wrinkles and sagging skin
  •    Aging, lifeless or dry facial skin
  •    Dull skin
  •    Uneven complexion
  •    Dark circles under the eyes
  •    Pigment spots
  •    Acne and scars
  •    Skin redness, rosacea
  •    Birthmarks
  •    Hemangiomas
  •    Cellulite
  •    Excessive sweating
  •    Excessive hair growth

What to pay attention to?

The consultation starts by hearing out the reason why you have turned to the beauty clinic, and then we start looking for solutions together. We look closer at your lifestyle, use of medications, chronic diseases, etc., in other words, we take your medical history, which is a great help in drawing up an effective treatment plan.

We believe that the client should also take responsibility by cooperating with us and taking care of his or her body and mind also outside the beauty clinic. With our knowledge and skills, we can prevent and slow down the signs of aging, however, it should be remembered that beauty begins from within.

Your nurses Agve, Kai, Mairi!