Consultation including skin diagnosis and preparation of a treatment plan

  • Duration of procedure:

    30 min

  • Price of procedure:


You are welcome to the skin diagnosis, or skin analysis, if you wish to know the condition of your skin and the procedures suitable namely for you.


What is the Opatra Dome Professional Facial Skin Analyzer?

The Opatra Dome facial skin analyzer is the latest technology for a clear overview of the current condition of the facial skin and also for predicting the condition of the skin in 3-5 years. The facial skin analyzer provides an accurate image by means of artificial intelligence and an image analyzer, taking 3 images of different layers of the skin with RGB, PL and UV spectrum light. The images are ready in 25 seconds and the specialist of our beauty clinic gives a thorough explanation of the results.

By the end of the consultation, you will have a clear overview of the surface layer, texture and internal condition of your skin, and you will also know what is happening in the lowest layer of the skin. Based on the information, we can draw up the necessary treatment plan and give recommendations for home care.

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What do you need to know before coming for a facial skin analysis?

For the best possible result, all impurities and make-up should be washed off the night before, you may even apply cream to the skin - it is even recommended. In the morning, it is important to wash the skin with clean, lukewarm water, and after that you should not apply any cleansing, cream or make-up product to the skin. Do not apply any cream 6 hours before the skin analysis, to ensure as accurate results as possible.