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Mutual trust and cooperation are vital for good and lasting results that meet your expectations.

Your reason why you turn to our laser and beauty clinic is the first thing we ask from you when you come for a consultation. If necessary, we perform skin diagnostics, to map any skin problems and draw up your personal treatment plan. Your main concern in mind, we set the goals which we will start moving towards together. In most cases, the goal is "to make youth and beauty last longer", that is, in five years' time you will look younger than you look today.

It is important that by the end of the consultation you will have an accurate overview that is as realistic as possible, of the method, time frame and type of result we can achieve together. Choosing the right procedure is decisive, as the range our procedures is very wide and continuously expanding, wherefore one concern may be treated by several methods. In most cases, a combination of different treatment methods gives the best and most lasting results.

Come for a consultation, together we will find the solution!

dr. Mari Laasma

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Which are the most common skin issues complained by people, who turn to the beauty clinic?

  •    Wrinkles and sagging skin
  •    Aging, lifeless or dry facial skin
  •    Dull skin
  •    Uneven complexion
  •    Dark circles under the eyes
  •    Pigment spots
  •    Acne and scars
  •    Skin redness, rosacea
  •    Birthmarks
  •    Hemangiomas
  •    Cellulite
  •    Excessive sweating
  •    Excessive hair growth