VectorLift® eyebrow elevation and eyelid rejuvenation

  • Duration of procedure:

    45 min

VectorLift® is an innovative non-invasive laser procedure for lifting the eyebrows and tightening the eyelids.

VectorLift® is an innovative non-invasive laser procedure for lifting the eyebrows and tightening the eyelids.

  • noticeably improves the quality of the skin around the eyes
  • tightens the upper eyelids
  • lifts the eyebrows


VectorLift® involves immediate tissue tightening (superficial contraction) and new collagen formation (long-term rejuvenation) during the procedure. The brow lifting and eyelid tightening procedure is comfortable and non-aggressive and requires no recovery, so the patients can immediately return to their normal daily routines.

How does the VectorLift® eyebrow lifting and eyelid tightening work?

VectorLift® is based on the revolutionary Fotona SMOOTH® mode pulse technology, which has proven to be a powerful and effective solution for both superficial and deeper collagen stimulation, using a patented technology and protocol. This is a very effective procedure for facial rejuvenation. The innovative Fotona SMOOTH® mode treats the skin in a smooth, almost "feather-like" non-ablative manner without damaging the skin surface and with precise temperature control. The laser energy is delivered in a unique pulse sequence shorter than a second, which prevents a temperature rise on the surface of the skin and achieves uniform heating within several hundred micrometers of the tissue. Extending the procedure to the scalp ensures the tightening of the SMAS layer (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is of key importance in namely the lifting of eyebrows.

The procedure of lifting the eyebrows and tightening the eyelids is relatively painless, but the procedure is preceded by local anesthesia with an anesthetic cream for about 20 minutes. The duration of the procedure is 45 minutes. The results can be noticed immediately after the first procedure, but for a more permanent and effective result, we advise completing 3 or 4 procedures at 3-week intervals.

The procedure can be successfully combined with the treatments of the central and lower areas of the face, such as Fotona4D®, Fotona3D® for even better results.

Stages of the VectorLift® procedure:

  1. Eyebrow lift

  2. Tightening of the scalp

  3. Tightening of eyelids