Tattoo removal

With the Fotona Starwalker MaQX laser, we can help you remove tattoos quickly, scar-free and with less pain.

We can remove both tattoos and permanent makeup, regardless of the color of the products.

Tattoo removal procedure with the Fotona Starwalker MaQX laser allows the removal of:

  • Tattoos made with black and/or colored (incl. yellow, green, red) ink
  • Cosmetic tattoos (permanent makeup)
  • Tattoos caused by trauma (such as asphalt)
  • Radiation therapy markings


What is the procedure of tattoo removal?

First, a numbing cream is applied to the skin before the procedure, either in the clinic or already at home. Anesthetic is used either as an ointment or injection (included in the price of the procedure). When injected, the anesthetic together with adrenaline reduces the amount of hemoglobin and the treatment becomes more effective.

With the FracTat method, we process the treated surface three times during the same procedure, taking 5 min. breaks between the sessions to cool and moisten the treated surface. The procedure can take 30-95 minutes in total, depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. The FracTat method significantly reduces the number of your visits. FracTat tattoo removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis.

The procedure starts by making special microholes (fractional channels) into the skin with a laser, the microholes also acting as pressure relievers during the following laser treatment. In this way, we can process very deep tattoos and accelerate the removal of pigment particles. In the FracTat procedure, some of the ink is discharged through the fractional channels made in the skin, but the majority of the ink leaves the body through the lymphatic system in about 1 month.

Due to the new technology, the risk of side effects, skin damage and scarring is significantly lower, because a wide range of setting options allow for an effective and safe removal of even the most complex multi-coloured tattoos. The laser delivers directly onto the ink particles laser beams of specific character, which is determined based on the tone and depth of the tattoo. At the same time, the surrounding tissues and skin pigment particles remain undamaged.

The advantage of the laser in comparison to old-school lasers is that it has a very even, powerful and wide beam that can treat a larger area. While the majority of lasers deliver one laser pulse per nanosecond, the Starwalker laser beam consists of both a nanosecond laser and a picosecond laser (the laser beam is divided into five power peaks in one nanosecond, each peak lasting a picosecond), helping the laser penetrate deeper into the skin in a shorter time.

FracTati timeline:

20 min 149 €
30 min 186 €


How many procedures are required to remove a tattoo?

In most cases, 3 to 6 procedures are enough, depending on the age, size, depth and location of the tattoo, the ink used, the density of pigment particles, presence of scar tissue and overall health.

In each subsequent procedure, the remaining ink particles are broken down, so each time the tattoo becomes lighter. Since there is less ink each time, each procedure must be carried out with more power to remove ink from deeper layers. The final dissolution of the ink occurs from few weeks to few months after the procedure.

The time agreed for the next procedure depends on the location of the tattoo - the further out in the limbs, the longer it takes for the tattoo to disappear (since the lymph nodes are located further away). For example, if the tattoo is on the wrist or ankle, the interval between sessions must be about 2-3 months. With tattoos closer to the torso, the interval between removal procedures must be at least 8 weeks.

A prerequisite for the next procedure is that the skin must have completely healed from the previous procedure. On average, it takes 4-6 procedures for complete removal of a tattoo.

Removing a small single-color black tattoo is the easiest, removing a colored tattoo requires more time. Different tones are broken down with different wavelengths, which is why the procedure takes significantly longer. Low-quality ink and some tints can be more difficult and time-consuming to remove. We can also remove parts of a tattoo, but you must remember that the skin must be completely healed before a new tattoo. It can take up to 2 months.

Healthy lifestyle plays a big role in speeding up the process, so you are advised to have a healthy diet and consume enough fluids!

After the procedure:

  • Make sure to follow precisely the wound care instructions provided by the clinic!
  • Do not wear clothes that chafe or press against the treated area.
  • It is not recommended to drink alcohol 24 hours before and after the procedure.
  • Avoid sauna, swimming and spas for 2 weeks. Showering is permitted, if the water is not too hot.
  • Protect the skin from exposure to direct sunlight for 4 weeks, to prevent hyperpigmentation.
  • If necessary, cool the skin occasionally with a cold pack.
  • If blisters appear, do not break these to avoid inflammation.
  • In case of itching, you can use antihistamines.
  • If severe redness and swelling do not appear to subside in a day, you need to contact the clinic



  • Active and chronic inflammations and skin damage
  • Antibiotic treatment (2 weeks must have passed since taking the last tablet)
  • Oncological diseases
  • Keloid scars
  • Herpes outbreak
  • Freshly tanned skin (2-4 weeks must have passed since last sunbathing)
  • Self-tanning creams before and after the procedure in the treated area
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • For persons under the age of 18, we only perform the procedure with the consent of a parent or guardian.


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