Surgical removal of birthmarks

  • Duration of procedure:

    1 h

  • Price of procedure:

    from 150€

Surgical removal of birthmarks is a procedure, where unwanted birthmarks are surgically removed.

Birthmarks appear at the age of 6 to 12 months and their number increases in 30 to 40 years. Birthmarks are mostly less than 1 cm in diameter, with an even or uneven border, a round or oblong shape. The color of birthmarks can vary from brown to black. As a rule, the birthmarks of a person should all be of the same type. Around 1/3 of malignant pigmented tumors, i.e. melanomas, develop from pigmented birthmarks.

When and why should birthmarks be surgically removed?

The most reliable way to prevent a deformed or traumatized birthmark from becoming dangerous in the future is to surgically remove it completely and send it for histological examination. Early detection and elimination of the problem significantly increases the speed and certainty of recovery. Birthmarks, which get in the way while dressing, shaving etc. and are then often traumatized, could also be removed. A dermatologist should be visited once or twice a year, to see, whether and which birthmarks need to be monitored and which have to be removed.

If a birthmark is on the face and the indication for removal is only cosmetic, it is recommended to remove it with a laser for the best cosmetic result. Dermatoscopy or biopsy must be performed beforehand, as histological examination is usually not possible after laser removal. If hair grows out from a birthmark, it can grow back afterwards. In such case you could also consider surgical removal of the birthmark.

Checking of birthmarks – what should you watch out for in birthmarks?

  • Asymmetry – both sides of a birthmark are usually similar.
  • Borders – the borders of birthmarks are usually regular and not scarred.
  • Colour –  suspicious birthmarks often contain different colors.
  • Changes – if a birthmark has changed color or grown over time, you should definitely see a doctor.


In our laser and beauty clinic, birthmarks are examined and skin conditions reviewed by our dermatology resident Ingel Soop, who can refer clients to Dr. Mari Laasma for birthmark removal, should it be necessary.


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