RenovaLase® treatment of vaginal mucosa dryness and atrophy

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  • Duration of result:

    2-3 years

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Menopause starts in a different way for every woman, in the average age from 50 to 55 years. The body undergoes major changes, which are accompanied by a decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels, which again leads to changes in the vaginal microflora. The mucous membrane of the vagina becomes thinner, causing increased risk of inflammation in the vagina and mucous membranes. With the help of Fotona RenovaLase technology, we can successfully treat menopausal urogenital syndrome (MUGS). It has been established that MUGS occurs in around 20-45% of postmenopausal women and the main complaints are:

  • dryness, burning feeling and irritation in the vagina and vulva area.
  • painful sexual intercourse due to the absence or lack of vaginal secretion.
  • constant bladder infections, frequent urination.

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How does the laser treatment work?

Fotona 2940 nm Er:YAG RenovaLase is a laser procedure developed for the treatment of menopausal urogenital syndrome (MUGS), during which laser impulses with a precisely controlled thermal effect (short-term increase in tissue temperature) are directed to the area of the entrance to the vagina, the urethra and the front wall of the vagina.

As a result of the treatment, collagen undergoes remodelling, collagen fibers become shorter and the synthesis of new collagen fibers starts. Epithelium becomes thicker and blood supply improves, resulting in decreased feeling of vaginal dryness, irritability, itching and in less frequent urination.