The platysma or neck muscle is located on the front side of the neck and is a very thin and wide layer of muscle that lies between the lower part of the face and the chest. The function of this muscle is to protect the subcutaneous tissue of the neck. Strong straining of this muscle makes the face look furious or startled, while slight straining causes the corners of the mouth to drop, which is considered a characteristic expression of contempt. These expressions and the drooping corners of the mouth can make the person look scornful, even though he or she is not. Every woman should know this muscle and especially, what happens when this muscle is neglected. This is namely the time, when sagging cheeks and the double chin appear, ruining the shape of the face, the skin of the neck is covered with fine wrinkles, etc. And so, the neck becomes the ID card of the woman. It betrays the woman's age sooner than wrinkles around the eyes or hands with wrinkly skin. However, for those who wish to restore the sagging neck muscle and skin tone, there are a number of different procedures to improve the situation. With major changes, surgical intervention is often indicated (such as liposuction with neck plastic surgery). However, if you cannot or do not wish to undergo surgery, there are other so-called non-invasive methods.


PDO threads

When the neck skin muscle has been relaxed with botulinum toxin, but some sagging skin still remains, the skin can be tightened by means of self-melting PDO cogs and meso threads installed under the skin. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the number of threads. Each thread is installed under the skin separately, using a special cannula. Special cones are attached to the threads (hence the name "cog threads"), which are “anchored” to soft tissues. These help to create the tension necessary to lift the skin. The thickness, number and location of the threads depends on the needs of the specific neck, their arrangement is individual. The effectiveness of the procedure is visible immediately after the procedure; however, the final result can be expected after about 6 to 9 months have passed from the second procedure. Since the threads not only tighten the skin, but also stimulate the natural production of collagen and create natural connective tissue support, they have a long-lasting and natural effect for 4-5 years. The main advantage of the threads over invasive methods is that there will be no wounds or scars, as the threads are inserted under the skin by means of a special cannula, through a hole previously made with a needle.

Fotona Tight Sculpt

Since dissolving fat usually leads to the problem of sagging skin, the most effective alternative to lipolytic injections and surgical liposuction is neck laser lipolysis together with skin tightening. During the procedure, laser is used to break up fat cells. The fat emulsion formed from the broken-up cells leaves the body naturally through the blood, lymphatic vessels, liver and digestive tract. During the second stage, the skin of the entire neck is tightened with a laser in order to accelerate the synthesis of collagen and elastin and thereby significantly reduce skin laxity and wrinkles.


The laxity and quality of the neck skin can also be improved by means of various biostimulation procedures. One of the favorites in our clinic is the iPRF procedure or autologous mesotherapy, which belongs in the field of regenerative medicine, where fibrin is extracted from patient's blood using a centrifuge, the proteins in the fibrin activate natural synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in significantly improved quality of the skin and reduced skin laxity. It can be combined with a micro-acupuncture (DERMAPEN) procedure, chemical exfoliation or laser treatment.

In most cases, the best results are achieved with a combination of different methods. Where to start and which procedure suits best is individual and is often established only with a consultation. In order to achieve a complete, natural, uniform and harmonious result with the procedure, it is necessary to analyze the entire face and neck as a whole, both in front view and in profile, both statically and in dynamic movement. For this, the face and neck as a whole are first studied carefully, analysing possible treatment options. For the changes to be successful, it is important that the doctor and the client completely understand each other - which are the problems the client wishes to solve and what should be the final result. After reaching a clear understanding, a procedure for reducing the laxity of the neck skin is considered, looking for one that is the best option for the particular client, because not all procedures are equally suitable for each person, as the success of the treatment depends on many factors (gender, age, skin condition, degree of laxity, genetics, anatomy, etc.).

Botulinum toxin injections

Botulinum toxin injections are the most effective method for relaxing the neck skin muscle (platysma) and reducing the drooping corners of the mouth. The botulinum toxin procedure can be used to bring out the jaw line by relaxing the neck skin muscle (so-called Nefertiti lift) and the DAO (depressor anguli oris) muscle that pulls down the corner of the mouth. Botulinum toxin can also be used to reduce horizontal wrinkles on the neck as well as small wrinkles and other superficial signs of aging (so-called mesobotox). Botulinum toxin shows a particularly good effect in the treatment of neck folds (so-called turkey neck), where botulinum toxin injected into the folds of the neck makes the folds disappear, the neck will look significantly more aesthetic and youthful. The effects of injections begin to show in about 10 days and last for 3 to 6 months. Over time, the nerve impulse achieved by the procedure will be restored and the effect of the injections will decrease. When the effect disappears, the botulinum treatment may be repeated.


Often, people find an issue with the double chin or excess fat at the base of the chin. There are various non-surgical methods for its treatment. One of the methods is lipolytic injections. During the procedure, fat cells are selectively destroyed with lipolytic injections through the skin. This is performed mainly with 2 different preparations: deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine. When a lipolytic substance is injected through the skin into adipose tissue, fat cells are broken up and excreted from the body through the liver in the course of metabolism. The effect can be noticed in about 8 weeks, when the swelling has subsided. In most cases, it is necessary to perform 2 or 3 procedures in every 6 to 8 weeks to achieve the final loss of fat. Lipolysis can help to reduce fat under the chin and bring out the jaw line.

Filler injections

People often come to the clinic with a wish to remove the double chin, but in fact, the cause is not the excessive fat under the chin, but a congenitally small lower jaw (micrognathia). People often do not notice this, because it does not happen often that they see themselves in profile, and if a dentist has not mentioned any teething problems, then it often comes as a surprise to the clients that it is not the fat under the chin that needs to be reduced, but instead the lower jaw should be made more prominent. This can be performed quickly and painlessly, using hyaluronic acid filler injections. The result of the injections is immediately visible; however, the final result can be seen in about 2 weeks after the procedure. Generally, filler injections remain in the chin 1 to 2 years, depending on the preparation.


Radiesse is a biostimulation procedure, which stimulates fibroblasts, promotes the production of collagen and elastin that in turn improve skin tone and skin quality. In this procedure, a thin cannula is used to inject into the skin a filler, which contains calcium hydroxyapatite that has been mixed with a physiological solution. The substance does not cause any rejection reaction, because it is part of the bone and tooth tissue. The effect of procedure will be noticeable immediately after the procedure, but in the following couple of weeks the result will improve significantly. For the best result, we recommend repeating the procedure after 1 month, to achieve a noticeable improvement in skin quality and reduced skin laxity for up to 18 months.