Laser hair removal (laser depilation)

Laser hair removal or laser epilation is the most effective method for hair removal.

Laser epilation is performed in the following areas:

  • armpits
  • legs
  • bikini area
  • hands
  • back
  • lower abdomen
  • upper lip

Benefits of Fotona FRAC3® hair removal:

  • Permanent reduction of hair growth
  • Gentle, quick and convenient
  • Long-lasting results
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No ingrowing hair, skin irritation or damaged skin
  • Suitable for both larger and smaller areas
  • Also suitable for the treatment and prevention of ingrown hair


Why should you repeat the laser epilation?

Since hair grows in 3 stages and laser epilation works only on hairs in the active growth stage, it is necessary to undergo the procedure several times to achieve the desired result. For a long-term final result, we advise completing a set of 3 to 6 procedures. With the Fotona Dynamis laser, patients can expect their hair growth to decrease 25%-35% with each procedure taking place every 4 to 6 weeks.

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Why prefer laser epilation to photoepilation?

Laser light is stronger and suitable for both dark and light hair. Photoepilation mostly does not remove light and gray hairs, because the IPL light only reacts to the chromophore or melanin in the hair. Since there is practically no pigment in light and gray hair, the light cannot be absorbed in anywhere.

It is also not recommended to use photoepilation in the summer, because it can entail complications, such as skin burns and pigment spots. Due to the rather low absorption in melanin, Fotona Nd:YAG laser treatment can be used safely and effectively even with darker skin tones and also in summer.

In addition, laser epilation needs to be performed significantly fewer times. While it is often necessary to complete 10 or more photoepilation sessions (depending on the capacity of the instrument), with the laser we get frequently good results with 3 to 5 sessions. Last but not least important benefit is the speed of the procedure. To make the procedure as quick and effective as possible, we use a high-tech scanner, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the procedure.

We use a Zimmer cold air blower to make the procedure painless, to ensure maximum comfort for the client.

Pre- and post-treatment guidelines for laser epilation:

Pre-treatment guidelines for laser epilation:

  • Avoid plucking and depilation of hair for 4 weeks before the procedure
  • Do not use self-tanning products
  • Shave the treated area 2 or 3 days before the procedure

Post-treatment guidelines for laser epilation:

  • There may be slight swelling, redness, skin sensitivity
  • Avoid sauna/showering for 48 hours
  • Avoid solarium/sunbathing for 2 weeks
  • Avoid physical activity for 24 hours after the procedure


  • Broken or traumatized skin in the area to be affected
  • Presence of herpes in the area to be treated
  • Using the medicine Roccotane or Accutane
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Epilepsy