JPX3 ROSE pigment lightening in intimate area

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Needle free biorevitalization JPX3 ROSE

In most women, the shape of the vagina and labia, skin texture and even color change with age. The fact that the pigment in the intimate area is darker than the overall skin tone of the body is completely normal and no bleaching/whitening is needed. However, there are situations, where the pigment becomes darker over time and makes women feel insecure.

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There are many reasons, why the pigment in the intimate area becomes darker. Melanocytes produce melanin, which provides the pigment to the skin (skin color). The genital area gradually darkens over time due to hormonal changes. For example, oestrogen is one of the hormones, which changes the pigment of the skin, the changes can become more prominent during puberty, pregnancy or in the natural aging process.

Needle free biorevitalization in the intimate area is the best solution for those, who have issues with dark pigmentation, but it also improves the quality of skin by providing additional hydration. In our work we use JPX ROSE, which contains monochloroacetic acid - contributes to cell renewal, koji acid - lightens dark pigment, bisabolol - softens the skin. It is recommended to complete a set of 5 treatment sessions.