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PRF rejuvenation in the vaginal area

Modern society is rather open, there is a lot of discussion about sexuality, sex, relationships, etc. However, women have problems for which they do not dare to seek help or for which they do not know that there is help available. There are several problems that reduce sexual pleasure: vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, problems achieving orgasm, mild urinary incontinence.  All the above problems can reduce libido, or sex drive, leading to issues with self-esteem and significant stress between partners.

Our body has a remarkable self-healing power. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is intended for biostimulation of the skin, preventing skin aging, accelerating healing of injuries and skin regeneration. The PRF procedure can be successfully used also in the vaginal area. PRF injected into a problem area stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and promotes generation of healthy, new skin cells. Blood supply is improved, resulting in more enjoyable sex, boosting the ability to orgasm, reducing vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse, and it has also shown a positive effect in cases of mild urinary incontinence. PRF is one of the most advanced and efficient natural treatments for cell healing and rejuvenation in the whole body

Who cannot use the procedure?

The procedure is not performed, if you have a low platelet count. You can have this checked by your family doctor beforehand. Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, active herpes, blood thinners.

What are the side effects and risks?

Since PRF is taken from your own blood, there are only few possible side effects. After the procedure, there may be swelling, bruising or, in very rare cases, an infection. In general, the swelling will subside by morning. It is advised to avoid sexual intercourse for 5 days in order to prevent the risk of infection, the same also applies to sauna, bathing, swimming. In order to reduce swelling, do not consume alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure.

What is the procedure?

The area to be injected is anesthetized. Then 2 tubes of blood are drawn and placed in a centrifuge, where the fibrin, which will be injected, is separated. The procedure itself does not take long, but the preparations do. It may take 45 minutes in total. Most people do not feel pain during the procedure, only a slight pressure, and additional anaesthetics can always be used, if necessary. You recover quickly and can return to work on the same day. The best time to come for the procedure is after your periods.

Who can use the procedure?

Especially those with symptoms of    vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, decreased libido (problems achieving orgasm), mild urinary incontinence.

Is one procedure enough?

Most patients need 2 or 3 consecutive treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. You can feel the first changes after two weeks, but the full results will appear in about a month after the procedure. To maintain the result, it is advised to repeat the procedure once a year.

What do you need to know before coming for the procedure?

There is a lot you can do to achieve the best result. In three days prior to the procedure, try to focus on water consumption, eat plenty of vegetables and protein-rich food, avoid alcohol, enjoy your life, exercise and be active. In the morning of the day, drink at least 2 glasses of water and eat a decent breakfast.

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