HydraLase Silk

  • Duration of procedure:

    20 min

  • Price of procedure:

    Special price 100€

Skin hydration with HydraLase™ Silk laser

A quick moisturizing and brightening needle-free beauty procedure - definitely one of the favorites of patients in 2023!

We are the only clinic in Estonia, who offers Hydralase Silk, a procedure with a highly innovative laser instrument for the improvement of skin quality. After the procedure, the skin looks noticeably brighter, feels smoother, wrinkle-free, softer, more elastic and with significantly better quality. Microwrinkles are smoothed out, unevenness and roughness caused by the dryness of skin fade. The skin becomes silky and smooth. The procedure also makes the skin tone more even and brightens the skin.

As a result of the procedure, creams and serums are better absorbed.

Benefits of the HydraLase Silk laser procedure:

  • Painless
  • Immediate effect
  • Fast
  • No recovery time
  • Effective
  • Favorite glow-inducing procedure of patients
  • Perfect for those who are afraid of needles
  • Surveys have shown that patients are extremely satisfied with the procedure       (patients rated highly the following aspects: skin quality, elasticity, removal of wrinkles).


What is the procedure of HydraLase Silk?

The procedure begins by measuring the moisture level of the skin by means of a special sensor. In the first step microchannels are made in the skin, using X-Restart - the newest instrument of the Fotona laser. In the second step, a gentle and controlled superficial laser exfoliation of the skin is performed, reduces the layer of dead skin cells, while stimulating microcirculation and renewal of the skin. During the procedure, a serum of hyaluronic acid is administered to the skin, which is then quickly absorbed through microchannels created with the laser. At the end of the procedure, the moisture level of the skin is measured once again, showing in most cases that it has immediately increased 2-4 times. Resulting in a skin that is moisturized, brighter and fresher.

How long will it take to recover?

HydraLase Silk is a painless procedure that does not take long to recover from. After the procedure, the skin looks slightly flushed, with slight swelling, which will pass in 1 or 2 days.

How many times should the HydraLase laser procedure be repeated?

For the best result, we advise repeating the HydraLase Silk procedure 3 or 4 times at two-week intervals. The laser procedure can also be combined with other procedures.