• Price of procedure:

    Combined with laser procedures, the price is 50 euros (added to the price of the laser procedure).

A quick moisturizing and skin-preparing procedure suitable for combining with all facial and body laser procedures: Fotona 4D, fractional procedures, Fotona Tight Sculpt and others.

Why combine the laser procedure with the HydraLase procedure?

The aim of the HydraLase procedure is to moisturize the skin before any other laser procedure. Since the laser targets water, the skin must not be very dry, so that the laser could provide the best and sufficient tightening effect. It serves as an excellent quick preparation for another laser procedure.

Studies have shown that procedures performed on moisturized skin are significantly more effective and recovery from such procedures is faster.

Benefits of the HydraLase procedure:

  • More effective results after a laser procedure
  • Faster recovery from the laser procedure
  • Fast - the procedure is combined with another laser procedure, so you will not need to make a separate visit to the clinic.


How does the HydraLase laser procedure work?

First, the moisture level of the skin is measured with a moisture meter. Then microchannels are introduced into the skin by means of X-Restart, an innovative instrument which is currently the only one in Estonia, followed by moisturizing and preparing the skin. Then the desired laser procedure is carried out.