Green Toning

  • Duration of procedure:

    about 30 min

  • Price of procedure:

    from 200€

The laser procedure Green Toning for removal of pigment spots visibly brightens the skin and improves the skin tone. It results in brighter, more youthful and even-toned skin.

Green Toning is a laser procedure that can reduce:

  • undesired facial pigment
  • darkened under-eye circles
  • freckles
  • uneven skin tone
  • pores


While the main aim of the Green Toning procedure is to remove pigmentation, the procedure also reduces pores, makes the skin tone even and improves skin texture.

The Fotona StarWalker pico laser used in the Green Toning procedure is so versatile that we can treat melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and redness at the epidermal level. In addition to melasma treatment, the Green Toning procedure can also be used for treating redness and scars (such as burns, cuts or surgical scars). We get good results also in the treatment of inflammation and post-acne pigmentation (PIH), where other procedures often prove to be ineffective.

Since the Green Toning laser procedure is safe for dark hyperpigmented areas, people with darker skin types can also benefit from this procedure.

Which are the areas, where the Green Toning pigment spot removal can be used?

The Green Toning procedure can be used for pigmentation treatment anywhere on the body. The areas, where people wish to remove pigment spots most frequently, are the face, cleavage and hands, where the skin is most exposed to sunlight and environmental damage.

How does the Green Toning laser system work?

The Green Toning system utilises two wavelengths of light energy:        Q-switched YAG, which treats deep pigmentation, and Q-switched KTP, which treats more superficial pigment. Similarily to StarWalker Pico tattoo removal, the quick nanosecond pulses target the dermal and epidermal skin layers. As a result, the pigments are broken down, so that the lymphatic system of the body can discharge these naturally. The photoacoustic reaction disintegrates the pigment into a fine dust, which is beyond the capacity of any other laser technology.

Green Toning is non-ablative, meaning that it does not damage the superficial layers of the skin and the recovery is quick and painless. Due to this, the procedure also does not require any analgesic cream.

The Green Toning laser treatment can be combined with chemical exfoliation and other treatments to achieve even better results.