Fractional Photo Peel

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    Special price 650€ until 31.03.23. Regular price 850€

Fractional photopeel is a skin rejuvenating and brightening procedure, which consists of five stages. The procedure combines 3 different laser treatments, IPL light therapy and TCA 15% acid for the best possible result. The stages consist of the following:

In stage 1, we warm up the tissues, using the unique program of the Fotona Dynamis FRAC3® neodymium laser, which delivers tiny high-temperature jabs deep into the skin. This is a non-ablative laser that rejuvenates the skin with a three-dimensional method.

In stage 2, individual pigment spots are removed with the Fotona Starwalker laser in a “spot hunting“. With the StarWalker patented MaQX impulse technology we can photoacoustically break up pigment spots in the skin into smaller parts, and as a result, the pigment is removed from the body through the lymphatic system without damaging the skin.

In stage 3, we use IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy with the Viora V20 technology. This method in the treatment of pigment spots has been scientifically studied and it has shown very good results. With the IPL technology, we do not damage the surface layer of the skin and can transfer heat energy to deeper tissues, where the targetted problem is located - in case of pigment, the pulse is absorbed in the pigment, and in case of redness, in the hemoglobin. In addition, IPL light therapy stimulates the production of collagen, makes the skin more elastic and silky, narrows pores and smoothes superficial wrinkles.

Stage 4 is Fractional Laser Resurfacing with the Fotona Dynamis Er:Yag laser, which eliminates fine wrinkles while significantly reducing deeper, dynamic wrinkles. This is excellent for improving skin texture, reduces enlarged pores and scars. Since the laser enables us to work in the epidermis all the way down to the dermis, it also stimulates the production of new collagen. The laser is used to create microchannels through the skin by an ablative method, which is then followed by the final stage - application of acid.

Stage 5 is the application of Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA). Acids vary from light to deep chemical exfoliation, depending on the concentration of TCA (10-30% TCA ensures superficial exfoliation, 30-40% TCA ensures medium depth, and 50% or higher TCA ensures deep chemical exfoliation). TCA acids can also be used to treat certain skin conditions, such as melasma and acne scars. In this procedure our beauty clinic uses the TCA15% acid, which goes deep into the dermis through the fractional microchannels made in the previous stage, and as a result dead skin cells are released and the growth of new skin cells and collagen production are stimulated. The result is rejuvenated, healthy and glowing skin.

Care guidelines before and after the photopeel procedure:

  • We suggest checking your calendar before taking the fractional photopeel rejuvenation procedure. The skin usually peels 4-10 days after the procedure. Make sure you do not have any important events during your recovery period! Although you may wear makeup during recovery, sometimes it may be hard to hide the peeling skin.
  • You are advised to avoid sunbathing for 2-3 weeks before the procedure. After the procedure, make sure to avoid sun exposure, as the skin needs to heal.
  • If you have a history of herpes (on a lip, nose area or elsewhere), we advise prophylactic treatment before the procedure, to keep the risk of an outbreak minimum.
  • Home care plays a very important role in skin recovery after exfoliation with acid. We advise you to strictly follow the instructions provided by the clinic. Home care products must be gentle and moisturizing, contain no acids. It is important not to attempt to speed up the peeling process by picking at the skin, as this can increase the risk of infection, cause poor healing and give rise to pigmentation. Normal skin care can be continued, when the skin has fully recovered from the procedure, which is in about 2 weeks.


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