Fat transfer (Seffiller)

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Fat transfer with Seffiller is a regenerative medicine procedure, where the aim is to reverse the aging process and make patients look significantly younger - not simply by "making you look younger". Fat transfer is an excellent alternative to injectables.

In addition to restoring the volume, we can extend the duration of the result of fat transfer and increase its efficiency, significantly reduce the signs of aging, improve skin tone, elasticity and shine due to the stem cells in the fat cells (SVF or stromal vascular fraction and ADSC or mesenchymal stem cells).

The transferred fat adds volume while the stem cells work to create new blood vessels (neoangiogenesis), which helps keep the fat alive and prevents it from being absorbed, ensuring longer lasting results. Due to the noticeable improvement in blood supply, we also get very good results in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

What are the benefits of Seffiller fat transfer?

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Long-lasting effect of the procedure
  • Can be used in all areas of the body (such as in intimate areas)
  • Compared to conventional fat grafting, where it is not possible to know how much of the transferred fat survives and how much is absorbed, Seffiller's advantage is that together with the fat we also transfer stem cells separated from the fat, which noticeably help to rejuvenate the skin and give the patient a significantly younger appearance for many years.


Which areas can be rejuvenated with Seffiller fat transfer?

The most popular are all areas of the face, but the procedure can be used on all areas of the body that need rejuvenation, restoration of volume and improvement of skin firmness (such as the intimate area, arms, navel area).

When to expect the results of fat transfer?

In most cases, the results are visible immediately after the procedure, but it takes some time for the body to accept the fat. The final result can be expected after about 2 months. The procedure can be repeated, If desired.

How long will the results of fat transfer last?

This is very individual. However, since fat transfer is carried out with autologous material (coming from our own body), which also contains stem cells, the result will last for many years.

What is the procedure of Seffiller fat transfer in our beauty clinic?

First, fat is taken from the subcutaneous tissue (the outer side of thighs and stomach are the most suitable areas for this purpose) - meaning that we perform liposuction. A 2mm skin opening is made under local anesthesia with a needle in the appropriate area, through which the fat lotion is separated by means of a special cannula and vacuum system.

This is followed by a fat purification and separation process - the fat is allowed to settle for about 5 minutes to allow the separation of oil, water and cellular components. The fat and stem cells (SVF or stromal vascular faction) are then separated. The resulting lotion is injected through a cannula into pre-selected areas where volume needs to be restored and the quality of the skin improved.



How is the recovery after fat transfer?

Since the cannulas used for injection are thin, they will not leave any wounds, scars or bruises. The recovery time is individual, but in most cases it is possible to return to one’s daily activities immediately after the procedure. It is advisable to keep the donor area cold for 24 hours. In the first couple of weeks there may also be bruising and swelling in the donor area.


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