Endolift – skin tightening with laser

  • Price of procedure:

    Special price 1300€ (regular price 2000€)

Endolift® is an innovative and highly effective tightening laser procedure that is an alternative to surgical procedures.

Endolifting is suitable for the face, neck and body, giving noticeable results with only minimal recovery time. This is a scalpel-, scar- and pain-free "lunch break facelift", which stimulates deep and superficial skin layers, tightens the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen. With this procedure, we can also reduce excess subcutaneous fat if necessary.

It takes only one procedure to get immediate noticeable results, which improve even more over time.

Endolift for facial correction (laser facelift)

With Endolift® we can correct minor and moderate skin laxity, reduce fat in the lower third of the face (double chin, cheeks) and neck. The Endolift® procedure can be performed in all areas of the body (knees, abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks, ankles, etc.) with the aim of removing fat and/or tightening the skin.

Advantages of Endolift:

  • An excellent alternative to surgical lifting
  • An excellent treatment for reducing fat and tightening the skin in case of a double chin
  • Enhances collagen synthesis
  • Tightens both deep and superficial skin layers
  • Minimally invasive: no scalpel, no scars and no prolonged recovery time.
  • In most cases, only one procedure is enough to achieve significant results.
  • Due to collagen stimulation, the results become event better over several months after the procedure.

What is the Endolift laser procedure?

Endolift® treatment is carried out with special single-use thin micro-optical fibers that are inserted into the superficial hypodermis under the skin.

The main objective of Endolift® is to tighten the skin through the activation of neocollagenesis and metabolic functions. Laser-induced selective heat melts the fat that flows out through the microscopic insertion holes in the treated area, causing simultaneously the tightening of the skin.

When will I see the results of endolifting?

The results of Endolift become visible immediately, but due to the additional collagen that accumulates in the deep layers of the skin, the results become even better over several months after the procedure. The best time to evaluate the achieved results is usually after 6 months.

One procedure is usually enough for visible results. If necessary, endolifting can be repeated once a year.

Similarily to all aesthetic medicine procedures, the result and the duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the degree of laxity of the skin. Successfullness of the procedure can be affected by age, health condition, gender, etc.

How long will I recover from Endolift procedure?

Since Endolift is minimally invasive, the recovery time is short. Usually, the skin remains slightly pink for 24-48 hours and there may be slight swelling.