Consultation with a skin doctor / dermatologist

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A dermatologist is a skin specialist, who can be consulted for the treatment of any skin condition.

Anyone wishing to have their skin checked and getting answers to skin-related questions is welcome to see a dermatologist. The main focus is on a multi-faceted approach to the patient's problem, starting from a diagnosis of the condition and explaining its nature, to setting up the basic skin care regimen and, if necessary, implementing and monitoring suitable medical treatment. If desired, it is also possible to discuss with the dermatologist the suitability of various procedures that improve the quality of the skin and slow down aging.

In addition to various skin conditions, it would definitely be a good idea to show to the dermatologist your birthmarks, which have changed, as well as new formations on the skin.

Which are the most common concerns, why people turn to the dermatologist?

  • Acne
  •    Rashes
  •    Changes in nails
  •    Itchy skin
  •    Birthmarks
  •    New formations on the skin


Dermatologist's appointment - how to prepare for the consultation?

It is recommended not to use prescription medicines on the skin and not to apply creams to the skin immediately (a few hours) before your first appointment with the dermatologist. If there are problems with the facial skin and the client wears make-up, the make-up must be removed at the doctor's office. In case of nail problems, the nail polish should be removed a few days before the visit.

Nahaarsti vastuvõttu dr. Mari Laasma laser- ja ilukliinikus viib läbi dermatoloogiaresident dr. Ingel Soop. 

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