Acne is a common skin problem, especially among teenagers. The constant struggle with acne and the resulting emotional and physical strain can leave a scar for life.

Acne treatment with Fotona laser

With the Fotona Dynamis laser, we can successfully treat both acne and acne scars. Regardless of the type or severity of acne, we can slow down overactive sebaceous glands and reduce the formation of new acne inflammations by means of acne treatment with the Fotona laser.

How does Fotona acne treatment work?

In case of active acne, the Fotona laser reduces inflammation by means of photoselective absorption and high-control heating effect. Fotona acne treatment, also known as TwinLight laser acne and acne scar treatment, involves neodymium-YAG (Nd:YAG) laser light that efficiently and safely penetrates the skin deeply enough to reduce sebaceous activity in the skin through photoselective absorption and highly active heating - all this without damaging the surface of the skin. Furthermore, such thermal penetrating action also accelerates the recovery process, eliminates the scarred dermis and triggers the production of new collagen in the skin.

This treatment utilizes two types of infrared laser wavelengths:

Nd:YAG laser –  a high-power laser that thermally and selectively stops the functioning of sebaceous glands for the treatment of active acne.

Er:YAG laser –   gently removes ultra-thin layers of skin, allowing formation of new, healed skin. Laser skin resurfacing allows us to control the depth of penetration in order to vaporize the thin, acne-damaged layers and expose the healthy and undamaged skin underneath. The results are particularly good, if acne treatment involves the combination of lasers and acids.

Who would benefit from acne laser treatment?

Laser acne treatment is a quick, simple and safe procedure. During the consultation, our specialist will first examine you thoroughly to find out if Fotona acne treatment is suitable for you.

Benefits of laser acne treatment

  • Safe and effective
  • Precise
  • Gentle
  • Fast and efficient
  • Treats small and large areas
  • No medication needed
  • Quick recovery
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Stimulates collagen


Acne scars and iPRF

iPRF plays an important role with excellent results in the treatment of acne scars - the procedure stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts and promotes the growth (angiogenesis) and reproduction of cells and new blood vessels. Skin regeneration is accelerated by virtue of angiogenesis.

3 RETISES + MELASPEEL R – combined chemical peeling

A high-impact exfoliation procedure, which is suitable for various forms of acne, improves the skin structure and smooths the epidermis.