Dr. Mari Laasma

I got into the field of aesthetic medicine four years ago when I started performing beauty injections, laser procedures, minor aesthetic surgery, and hair transplants besides my main job (pediatric surgery). Today it has become my great passion that has won over my heart and I can safely say that my job is my hobby.

As this is a very rapidly evolving field, I am constantly enhancing my skills and trying to provide my patients with the latest and most effective aesthetic procedures. I like to approach the person holistically, not just focusing on one area (like the lips), but look at the whole picture so that the entire face is in harmony and natural.

As I myself have reached the age where the first signs of aging are noticeable, I am particularly interested in preventing aging in the most natural, healthy, and effective way possible.  In addition to proper skin care, nutrition, exercise, hormonal balance, vitamins, minerals, etc., are certainly no less important. I am also happy to share all this knowledge with my clients to achieve a beautiful, natural and lasting result.

I hope I can help with any aesthetic concern, regardless of gender and age, be it wrinkles, thinning hair, acne scars, benign skin tumors, or just a desire to improve the quality of the skin.


Kindly Yours, Mari Laasma